Plaza Alam Sentral

Design and Printing (white PVC and transparent sticker)

- design by : contramen
- printing : contramen & sidqi

"ESDE" packaging box

packaging box + ESDE transparent sticker brand + transparent rounded sticker number

UTHE enterprise

logo and business card

freehand drawing..

previous artworkz..

Some of my previous artworkz..

Poster Calendar - CIAST

Poster Calendar for CIAST

Degree Project - Hotsound Studio

I've choose Hotsound Studio as a company that need to be promote during my final degree project.
There are 3 product that produced by me (using offset machine) - brochures, file folder and poster calendar.. and 1 product (bunting) by digital printing..

A4 size fold in 3 side

Poster Calendar (A2 size)

File Folder

Bunting (6'X2')

Buku Log Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) Selangor

Buku Log Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) Selangor

Samartary - Kebangkitan (EP 2009)

Samartary - Kebangkitan (EP 2009)
Wira Athotorgh Production

Cover artwork, layout by Contramen
Cover concept by Samartary & Contramen

Hellbangers Dominion Compilation (2008) - artwork, layout (booklet)

Hellbangers Dominion Compilation (2008)
Eternia Records

Cover artwork, layout (booklet 16 pages) by Contramen.
Layout concept by Yon (Eternia Records)

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